Magnum Opus
MO Elite Magnum-:-Opus - Elite Gaming Clan

The clan Magnum Opus was founded 2003 in the MMO called Entropia Universe. At the time, we were ranked as one of the world’s top best clans. Since then, the clan has existed in several games like World Of Warcraft, Warframe, Silk Road Online, Face Of Mankind, Aion, Guild Wars, Diablo, Quake, Star Craft and many more. This is THE original and first Magnum Opus clan.

We are a band of brothers and highly skilled professional gamers. Our members are everything from actual IRL war veterans, IT-professionals to family fathers. Some of us have over 25 years of experience in gaming.

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Some of the games that we currently play

OverwatchHeroes Of The StormWarframeDestiny 2 | | 2003-2019